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Monday 10:30 to 9:00
Tuesday 10:30 to 9:00
Wednesday 10:30 to 9:00
Thursday 10:30 to 9:00
Friday 10:30 to 9:00
Saturday 10:30 to 9:00
Sunday closed    
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Phone:   (269) 668-2499
or   (269) 668-2498


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Welcome to Farran's Family Chicken.

We are a local family owned restaurant aiming to bring you the great quality at great prices.  We'd be glad to have you visit, so stop by today!

Our family moved to Mattawan in 1999 to escape the clamor of city life and experience the small town freedom of Mattawan. Mattawan has become a home to our family and our four children have made their friends and enjoyed their time at the local school. Since our move, my wife and I considered opening our own small middle eastern food and fried chicken family business. It has proved to be a dream that demands hard work. Our family has worked as a team to build our small business, and we hope in the future to grow and see more success to accomplish our dreams. Above all, we hope to be a part of the Mattawan community for many more years to come.